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How much does it cost ?

Our regular Basic Charge is In Tokyo \12,000〜 If you living Out saide Tokyo please ask us ! 

You can use Credit card ( VISA , MASTER , AMEX ) The carpet of office and nursery school will be different price.

※(There are few things that affect pricing such as size of rooms, type of carpet and area ... etc)

We come to your place and do an inspection befor we quote prices.

If you have any quetions, Please contact us ! >> Please contact us !

We cleaning  a sofa, a stroller, Car seat , Rugs

▼ We cleaning   it same as manual labor with the latest cleaning machine easily and well.

 We are generally different from a used machine and 2000 times of vibration brushes moving along a texture of a carpet in front and back are easy for a / minute movement carpet and a dirt scrapes it out to house dust in the depths well and cleans it.

In addition, a dirt scraped out by a brush is vacuum strongly promptly without an interval seeping to fiber to be able to do a process of three detergent
steam → brush → vacuum to be indispensable for cleaning at a time I let you reduce a burden to a carpet from a process of cleaning used conventionally and can clean it to be able to leave.

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▼ Furniture just cleans a carpet and a carpet.。

 Because it is cleaning to be specialized in a business trip, We do not have to move furniture outdoors. The furniture is just laying the carpet and the carpet and inquires into a circle.

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▼We clean it by manual labor politely.

 Even if difference in grade such as stairs matches, it is all right! As well as a machine, finish it is just clean it by manual labor in carefulness.

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▼ I inquire into a circle, and a chair, a stroller and a car seat are cleaned by a sofa, too.

 Leave it to the time that the thing which children such as a chair, a stroller or a car seat touch in a sofa wants to clean. If the thing which I cannot readily wash is "We... VIGIADOR CARPET ", I inquire into a circle and clean it.

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