We clean a business trip cleaning carpet , Rugs , Sofa / Car seat !

 In late years house dust and a house mite and the pet that hair other is worried about an allergic disease of a cause of I continue increasing. A carpet, a rugs, a dirt such as a sofa are related to it deeply. It takes expense, and it is not easy to repaper a carpet, though. There are not a lot of shops cleaning a carpet, and it is hard to progress. It is mpossible to repaper it because even a favorite sofa was ained.

But I break off such a trouble by a blow if it is business trip cleaning of "We... Vigiador Carpet". Because I visit you in a home of a visitor and will clean it, it does not take trouble and the expense that I repaper a strong>carpet, and carry a carpet. I am pretty to mistake it for a favorite sofa and become clean.

We want one giving up for a cost or trouble to please , in addition, keep it clean, and a little, is healthy, and can be crowded with cleaning for a wish that want to live a life in a carpet, rugs, a sofa, and work in a motto in kindness / arefulness.

"We... Vigiador Carpet" is got close to as the carpet business trip laundryman who prized a voice of a visitor, a demand from various places of a housewife in particular by all. Please test a carpet, rugs, business trip cleaning of a sofa by all means.

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