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Personal information handling policy

We recognize importance of personal information and carry out the following actions.
  1. Information (I say "personal information" as follows.) that we relate to a visitor individual I let a management representative handling を do appropriate management.
  2. We will acquire personal information of the range that it is necessary after I specify a use purpose as much as possible when I acquire personal information of a visitor from a visitor, and having stated our windows for a visitor clearly beforehand.
  3. We manage the personal information that I acquired than a visitor adequately and do not do an offer, disclosure to the third person except the company which got an agreement of a visitor at all.
  4. We transmit our service considered to be useful by a visitor, information such as service to a visitor by an E-mail, mail or there is a case I dispatch it or will call. A visitor stops these handling by having you report and can let you reopen.
  5. If a visitor can have communication to our window for a visitor when it is hoped for inquiry of personal information of a visitor, a revision, I will cope by a rational range immediately.
  6. We observe laws and ordinances, a model applied about the personal information that we hold and review an action in each above clause appropriately and improve it.
  7. I am aimed at planning improvement / improvement of telephone duties for a visitor in us, and there can be a thing taping conversation over a telephone with a visitor. Please understand it beforehand.
  8. For the third person, I cannot disclose in principle personal information of a visitor. But I can disclose it for a purpose and an inquiry from a family to protect a case demanded what I disclose than a legal engine such as the police and a court of law from and our right and property.
  10. "A use purpose" of "Personal Information" entrusted with (18 lines of law Clause 1s, 23 lines of law Clause 4 1)
    • It will talk about the personal information that we were consigned to in a cleaning service business and a range of contents of a trust contract.

  11. A matter which you should put in "The state that the person himself can know" about "Possession Individual Data" (24 lines of law Clause 1s)
    • I will handle our possession individual data to hold in a range of the next cleaning service business.
    • (1) Offer our service such as information service and an advertisement.
    • (2) Do questionnaire investigation and analysis to plan maintenance improvement of our service level.
November 8, 2005
Vigiador Carpet
Representative Atsushi Ishida