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▼What's the benefit from deep cleaning the carpet?

Cleaning by water, we can remove germ, pollen and dust. and moisturie your carpet.

Moisturizing your carpets leaves the carpets soft, the texture restored, and the colors brightened.

Cleaning your carpet is the sure way to reduce problems in your family related to asthma & allergies.

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▼When should you clean ?

 It may be too late when the color begins to fade. It is necessary to clean your carpet on a regular basis to remove dirt. If dirt is allowed to remain too long, it becomes gummy and difficult to remove. You had better clean your carpets befor they look dirty.

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▼Does the Hot steam cleaning cause damage to floor under the carpet ?

 NO ! This cleaning method will apply to the texture of the carpet, so it won't affect even the back pad of your carpet.
It will not cause any damage to the floor.

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▼How often should a carpet be cleaned?

 Proper cleaning frequency should be planned according to traffic patterns. However we recommend to have professional cleaning once every 3 or 4months for private homes, and once a month for restaurants or nursery schools.

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▼How long does it take to dry after cleaning?

 The drying time may depend on the weather or the type of fabric used on the furniture. Usually, we dry your carpet within 3-4 hours if you have Air-conditioner. Even when we cleaning your carpet, you are able to walk on the carpet

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▼How long does it take to clean a carpet?

 It varies, but the average for a private home carpet will be within 2-2.5hours / 10m2.

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▼Does carpet cleaning cause damage to a carpet?

 No! It will increase the carpetlife. Dirt builds up in the pile, as a result of sweat and tracked-in dirt This steam cleaning method will help to remove this. Therefor it helps to extend the
life of your carpet.

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▼How much stam and dirt be removed?

 Most can be removed. Especially, oily dirt is removed easily. However, it is difficult to remove it if remains long.

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▼Can we clean....?

 Car seat, Car upholstery, Couch, Sofa upholstery, Carpet, Tiled carpet, Oriental Rugs, Rugmats, Door mats, Handle many varieties of Carpet.

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▼How much will it cost?

 There are few things that affect the pricing such as size of the rooms, the type of carpet, and area etc...

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▼To where will you travel?

TOKYO 23ku
Adachi-ku, Arakawa-ku, Bunkyo-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Cyuou-ku, Edogawa-ku, Itabashi-ku, Katsushika-ku, Kita-ku, Koutoh-ku,
Machida-shi, Meguro-ku, Minato-ku, Nakano-ku, Nerima-ku, Oota-ku, Setagaya-ku, Shibuya-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Shinjyuku-ku, Suginami-ku, Sumida-ku, Taito-ku, Toyoshima-ku,

Kasukabe-shi, Kawaguchi-shi, Misato-shi, Soka-shi, Toda-shi, Yoshikawa-shi

Chiba-shi, chyuou-ku, Hanamigawa-ku, Inage-ku, Mihama-ku Wakaba-ku,
Abiko-shi, Funabashi-shi, Inzai-shi, Inba-gun Inbamura, Inba-gun Sakae-cho, Inba-gun Shisui-cho, Kamagaya-shi, Kashiwa-shi, Nagareyama-shi, Narita-shi, Noda-shi, Matsudo-shi, Sakura-shi, Urayasu-shi, Yachiyo-shi,

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